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Our collections are an homage to our English roots which commence with our signature attention to detail and craftsmanship and complemented with a colour palette compatible with any lifestyle. The goal of his of this collection is to cultivate your individual style and create spontaneity as a mindset. It represents our commitment to elevating that style to afford an effortless segue from business to casual. Another Novesa London signature is double cuff shirts, some featuring contrast cuffs, all of which may be flipped for those subtler moments as well as being convertible to button cuffs to fit your individual mood.

Our Labels

The avant-garde collection at the cutting-edge of fashion. From time to time, we present forward-looking shirts boldly in a blend of cotton, satin, jacquard, lace, linen, and print fabrics. These shirts are created for occasions when you must stand out. The black label features extensive use of contrasts on the collar, cuff and placket, some are in the high collar and some in short sleeves. We aspire to make the boldest designs that turn heads.

This is the original high-end NOVESA business shirt. The designs are simple but bold, with fabrics mostly designed in dobby weave for the luxury touch.

While staying true to our English heritage, this group makes a statement that business and casual are not mutually exclusive. This represents our commitment to elevate your style through a confident colour palette all while fitting your individual lifestyle, whether it be laid-back or edgy urban. Unique colour combinations, checks become plaids, and stripes become multi stripes.

This group speaks volumes about Novesa London’s commitment that from the outset you are making your own authentic statement. 100% 2-fold plain non-textured cotton fabrics in luxurious fine poplin, twill, pinpoint oxford and broad cloth.

At Novesa London, our commitment to elevating individuality through colour means the business shirt is anything but ordinary. It commences with our version of the classic button down collar, Although the fabrics are featured in classic checks and stripes, when plain, they are subtly textured in woven patterns which display elegance on closer look.

Finally, less than 120 pieces of each shirt is ever produced and never repeated. By when we distribute among our stores in different countries, you’re guaranteed to be wearing a truly exclusive shirt at your location.