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Style Guide – Women’s Shirts

Style Guide - Women's Shirts

For women, our sizes start at UK size 6 and end at UK size 20. For us, “small”, “medium” and “large” are meaningless classification of women’s size as every woman’s body is unique. Whether it’s size 6 or 20, our shirts are fitted to adorn, exalt and flatter the female figure.

Add to that a minimum of 4,000 shirts in any NOVESA store featuring minimum of 400 fabrics/designs which are updated with at least 50 new fabrics designs every month- because we don’t conform to “industry standard” of spring, summer and autumn/winter collections. Instead, we prefer a new collection every week because no day is the same and we shouldn’t deprive our valued customers of changing their fashion “sense, mood and mode” as the year changes from January to December.

Apart from our wardrobe staples of blue, white and pink shirts, all of our designs are never repeated, an obsession with exclusivity that guarantees your selection will perfectly reflect your personality in style, quality, colour and design. Custom made-to-measure shirts service is available for those of outstanding stature.